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Build a Precision Hi-Tech Wheel Repair Business.

SMART Repair Equipment & Technology Manufacturer

Precision Machinery

Advanced Wheel Repair Equipment

Any wheel repair machine you may need to take your business to the highest level. Lenco CNC's patented machinery, leads the way.

CNC Wheel Lathes

Diamond cutting wheel lathe machines.

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Wheel Poilishers

Vibratory wheel polishing technology.

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Wheel Straighteners

Wheel straighteners that are fast and easy to use.

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AC/DC Tig Welders

Specialised wheel repair welding units.

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Cutting Edge Tech

Mitigate Risk & Drive your Business to Profitability, Fast.

We obsess over your success. Our focus is to build precision machinery. Enabling you to drive volume & scale quickly, all whilst effortlessly delivering high quality product.


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Global Annual Market Growth

The global automotive wheel market is expected to grow from $34 Billion in 2024, to $64 Billion by 2034.


Average Consumer Saving

The consumer saves 200% when opting to repair a wheel vs buying a new wheel.

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Born in the USA

Advanced Machinery

State of the Art Wheel Repair Machinery

Lenco CNC is a leading manufacturer of hi-tech CNC wheel lathe machines, diamond cutting CNC wheel repair lathes, alloy rim repair equipment, wheel straightening tools, wheel polishing and powder coating machines. As a team we have more than 50 years of combined experience in the wheel repair industry. Our patented Lenco wheel repair machines are available worldwide, get in touch with us for more information about our hi-tech CNC wheel repair lathe machines and patented alloy wheel repair equipment. Lenco CNC is here to assist you in starting or improving your wheel repair business, by offering you state of the art alloy wheel repair equipment and proven wheel repair training techniques.

As a go-to source in the SMART Repair industry, we focus on the design and development of highly accurate components, so our machines and equipment meet very exact specifications. What this means for our customers is the highest quality equipment with little to no disruption to their supply chain. This equals faster time to market which allows our customers to focus on growth and scalability, having full confidence in our ability to meet their needs.

Our experience in the SMART repair industry drives us to push boundaries as a manufacturer. We offer rebuilds and retrofits, application solutions, training, service & support, and more. Our solutions help deliver more efficient operations and profit to your bottom line.